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19th September 2021

Welcome to the last few visiting days of 2021.

The Vegetable Garden is still producing well but beans are a thing of the past (left for their seed) and root vegetables are coming into their own. The Sweet Corn will soon be finished and will be taken out as beneath it Squash have been growing and they will want to see some sun. Leeks are doing well and the Beetroot need pulling up before they get too woody.

The yellow clematis in the Vegetable garden is Tangutica -sometimes called the “golden clematis”

Tomatoes are still being picked from the Greenhouse along with Peppers.

Cyclamen Hederifolium are appearing in the Dell – not to be confused with C. Coum which is flowers from January to March. It is a welcome splash of colour and spreads well in the shade.

The polythene sheets have been put over newly sown grass- not only does it keep the birds off but acts like a little greenhouse giving the seed some warmth to germinate.

We have fed the bulbs in the Daffodil area with blood fish and bone and the recent rains have helped to wash the feed in.

The Bog Garden still has lots of colour and the leaves of the Sumac ( Rhus Typhina Staghorn Sumac) and Parrotia Persica are changing colour

The pink flowers along the wall as you cross the Moat are Nerines

In the West lawn there are Dahlia and anemone but my favourite plant is Lespendeza Thunbergii with its long branches of pretty pink flowers- just by the Bay tree

Please keep behind the ropes on the East Lawn- the lovely purple Colchicums are coming up and the buds appear before the leaves so they are easy to trample- not for nothing are they called “Naked ladies”

Sadly no further sightings of our swans but the otter was seen in the garden again last week


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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5th September 2020

Welcome to our Garden

The Vegetable Garden is still producing well and the sweet peas are having their final flourish. Some beans have been left for seed and herbs are picked to dry or freeze

The Catmint along the Iris bed was cut down after flowering and is flowering again. We cut the Delphiniums to the ground after flowering, fed them and some are flowering again.

The Dell has the cyclamen Hederifolium which flowers before the leaves lightening up its dark areas.

Lots of colour still in the Bog garden but just wait for the autumn colours of the Sumac.

The plant with large white flower growing up the side of the Hall porch is Magnolia Grandiflora.

Coming into autumn the plants performing in the West Lawn beds are Anemone and Dahlias. The shrubs in 4 pots are Oleander and the orange plants along the path are Zauschneria “Ed Carman” but my favourite at this time of year, is Lespendeza Thunbergii. Found in the bed beside the Bay Tree its long thin branches covered in carmine sweet pea type flowers it’s a joy to behold and sways in the wind every bit as well as the more fashionable grasses.

The Colchicums have appeared around the edge of the East Lawn. Do take care and not cross the rope we have laid down. The buds poke through the soil before the leaves and it would be very easy to tread on them. Admire from a distance as this autumn crocus is a joy to behold


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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29th August 2021

Welcome to the gardens.

It is with a heavy heart that I say you will not be seeing the swans. They arrived in February, made their nest in the old nest left by the black swans, hatched their eggs and had 8 fine cygnets. They alternated between the Fishpond and the Moat and the cygnets were almost ready to fly. On Monday 16th August we saw an Otter in the garden. It had a collar and a small barrel attached to the collar. The swans were last seen on 17th August and we have found the body of one of the cygnets. There is the hope that they have moved elsewhere but our black swans were found dead with shredded legs after a previous encounter with otter.

In the garden- the French and runner beans are doing well. We are picking courgette, chard, beetroot and some salad crops but we are leaving some crops for the seed.

Cyclamen are appearing in the Dell and the garden is still work in progress after a huge chestnut tree blew over and left a huge space.

The Bog garden is full of colour with the pink Chelone, spires of Lythrum Salicaria and Thalia Dealbata in the centre with its large leaves.

The Autumn Border needs some sun (don’t we all?)  but the asters are ready to step up. Persicaria lining the bank by the compost area are ready to hibernate.

Hydrangeas are happy in these conditions in the stream garden and along the drive- all grown from cuttings.

The West Lawn gardens have Dahlia and Anemone in flower, in the gravel the Verbena Bonariensis and the Geraniums that we cut down after flowering are reappearing.

The Wild garden has had its only cut of the year and the 3 trees are Katsura (grown for their autumn colour and smell) Mulberry and Quince.


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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The vegetable garden is in full swing and we find a home for everything grown.The sweet peas have been marvellous this year but are coming to an end with the stems getting shorter. American Pillar rose is along the Pergola and just smell the jasmine covering the arch going into the Herb Garden.

The Buddleja lining the Path have all been grown from cuttings and look for the masses of butterflies on them.

The large leafed plant in the Bog garden is Thalia Dealbata. Ligularia with the deep aubergine back to its leaves , the rosy spires of Lythrum Salicaria and Lobelia Cardinalis are all growing in the damp conditions of the Bog garden.

The yellow plums falling on the ground are Mirabelle- we use them to make jam but do try one- but be careful of wasps.

Hydrangea are very happy at this time of year and enjoying the shade in the water Garden, along the drive and at the back of the Hall.

At the front of the Hall the pink Criniums are appearing and the rose on the wall is Leverkusen- a repeat flowering climbing rose.

In the West Lawn Romeya are the large white poppy like flowers and the plants in pots are Oleander-needing to be inside during the winter for protection from the cold.

The Wild garden has had its one and only cut of the year. There is an old mulberry tree and a quince growing there along with 3 katsura trees- grown for their autumn colour.

We still have 7 cygnets with their parents alternating between the moat and fishponds. They are quite grown and soon will be flexing their wings ready to leave us.


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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8th August 2021

The Vegetable garden is producing potatoes, beetroot, kale, chard, carrots, courgettes, peas and beans. The sweetcorn and raspberries will soon be ready.  Artichokes are almost finished and the Asparagus will be allowed to turn brown before we cut it down. The rose on the Pergola is American Pillar and t flowers later than our other roses.

Across the Moat we have a bank of Phlomis and this is interplanted with Ox eye daisy which completely takes over at this time of year.

The greenhouse is busy with tomatoes and peppers and its where we sow our seeds and cuttings.

The Catmint along the Iris bed was cut down about 4 weeks ago and is producing a second flush. The buddleja along the side of the moat are in flower and all have been grown from cuttings.

The daffodil area has at last been cut down as has the Wild garden seen across the moat which is cut just once a year.

In the bog garden Thalia Dealbata is the large leafed plant in the bog and the Gunnera and Zantedeschia are on the edges

The wild plum Mirabelle is turning yellow on the tree by the stream. If we don’t lose too many in the winds, we will harvest these to make a jam tasting similar to marmalade.

The Persicaria lining the bank by the compost area are a result of constant lifting and dividing. This is also true of the Hosta and Hemerocallis lining the path beside the stream.

Passion flower are happily growing along the wall in the West lawn and the white poppy -like flower by the urns is Romneya.


Stay Healthy and Good Gardening

Lynda Tucker

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29th July 2020


The vegetable garden is in full swing and we are picking Rocket, Broad Beans. French Beans, Peas, Beetroot, Carrots, Potatoes, kale, Courgettes and Chard. The sweet Peas need to be picked twice a week and we are picking blackcurrants and Jostaberries. Our raspberries are autumn fruiting so they are still to come

The path along the Iris bed has buddlea planted on the banks on the left and blue chicory- Cichorium Pumilum, on the right. Research is ongoing as the blue chicory is believed to have cancer healing properties.

The Daffodils have at last all been cut down and will be fed in the autumn.

The path to the Bog Garden is edged with Dierma “Blackbird”- easily grown from seed and so pretty against the silvery foliage of the weeping pear- Pyrus Salicifolia.

You need to force your way along the path beside the stream as the Allium and Hemerocallis are in full cry.

In the West Lawn Crocosmia Lucifer will immediately catch your eye with its bright red flowers. But Allium Sphaaerocephalons dark red flower heads echo the geranium in the urns and behind it are the lovely white poppy-like flowers of Romneya

The tubs have Oleander which need to be taken inside for winter protection.

The eye-catching clematis on the posts going round the Hall Is Princess Diana.


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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4th July 2021

The Vegetable Garden is gearing up and we are picking peas, broad beans, kale, beetroot. potatoes and rocket.  The sweet peas need picking twice a week and the red rose on the pergola is American Pillar

The rose growing on the wall along the path going up to the Potting shed is Phyllis Bide – a heritage rose variety.

The Catmint at the front of the Iris bed is still full of bees but we are starting to cut it down along with the Iris- we can then see the Delphiniums and the Iris rhizomes will get the sun.

We have two roses growing through the Ginkgo trees- Keith Maughan and the yellow rose Mermaid

The recent rain has delayed the cutting of the Daffodil areas but this is hidden from the West Lawn by the shrubbery of mainly aubergine and yellow plants. Water levels are still high in the bog garden, some iris are still in flower and look out for the green zantedeschia amongst the white lining the bog edge. The tall yellow primroses are primula Florindae.

Hemerocallis and Hosta line the path in the stream garden and as you cross the bridge the rose in front on the Hall walls is Albertine- an old rose that sadly doesn’t repeat flower. Enjoy it whilst you can. On the wall on your left is Penny Lane which is a very pretty modern repeat flowering rose.

As you walk through the gateway into the West Lawn look forward across the moat where you will see the r. Wedding Day climbing through the maple tree- what a sight!

On the Pergolas the roses are mainly planted with clematis as this extends their season of interest

The swans have returned from the Fishponds to the moat but sadly they have lost one. They are wild birds and the parents are very protective so admire but keep your distance

Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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27th June 2021

The Vegetable Garden is producing Broad Beans, Rocket, Beetroot, Potatoes, Rhubarb and Peas. The Cutting Garden is producing well as is the central Herb Garden and Sweet Peas.

The roses climbing up the two Ginkgo Trees outside the Greenhouse are Mermaid and Keith Maughan.

We are waiting for the bees to finish with the catmint before we can cut it down to reveal the Delphinium and tie back the Cichorrum Pumilum (blue chicory) at the back of the border

The Dell is work in progress as we redesign the space where a huge chestnut tree fell.

The last of the Daffodil areas are waiting to be cut down- the heavy rain has kept the foliage going longer than usual. The shrubbery with its aubergine and yellow theme is performing well and screening this dying area from the West lawn.

The Bog Garden has the lovely Iris Black Gamecock in flower and the white Zantedeschia line the edge.

Hemerocallis and Hosta line the stream garden path

The lovely pinkish rose on the front of the Hall and growing on the West wall is Albertine -an old fashioned rambling rose (1921) which is not repeat flowering so enjoy its lovely flowers while you can. Rose de Rescht is in the bed in front.

The Pergolas are full of roses but when you go into the West Lawn look across the moat at the lovely white rose Wedding Day growing up through a tree in the daffodil shrubbery.

Masses of colour in the West Lawn- a complete contrast to the Wild Garden which has been completely taken over by Ox eye daisies. Once they finish flowering the Wild garden will receive it’s only cut of the Year.

Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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30th May 2021

Vegetable Garden- the warm weather is at last getting the vegetables to grow. Asparagus is going strong and we are eating the thinned out radishes.  Note the onions have been interplanted with beetroot which will be pulled up before the onions need that space. The strawberry plants are all last years runners and we are not allowing them to waste their energy flowering this year

In the Herb Garden -the Artichokes are growing strongly and the standards in the central beds are gooseberries and the silver milk churns have pots of tomatoes in them.

At last we are able to move plants out of the Greenhouse ready for our indoor tomato plants

The long Iris bed is now changing from predominantly white to blue and the Delphiniums in that bed are in bud and ready to flower.

Daffodil areas are now taken over by Cow parsley whilst we wait for the foliage to die down.

There is a very high water level in the Bog garden where the water Iris are in bud.

Pink is the dominant colour in the water garden with the lovely Primula on show and Hosta and Hemerocallis line the path beside the Moat.

It’s allium time at the front of the Hall where they were planted to replace the 150 tulips precision dug by squirrel in the very cold winter 3 years ago. They have done rather too well and will require thinning it after flowering.

Please take care on the gravel beside the Moat in the West Lawn- there are a lot of tender plants just emerging

All present and correct for the Swans and their cygnets which have moved to the Fishponds.

We have House Martins nesting at the front and back of the Hall and look out for the great spotted wood peckers nest in the dead white tree stump in the Dell


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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Vegetable Garden- you might notice the Broad Beans. Some were sown early in the Greenhouse and when planted out seeds sown between them. This has saved greenhouse space but should prolong the growing season.

Always short of space we have interplanted the onions with beetroot. The beetroot will be picked earlier giving the onions room to expand.

White Iris are taking over from the purple in the long bed beyond the greenhouse-they have a lovely scent and soon the multi coloured Dutch Iris will be in flower

The large chestnuts are in flower in the Dell surrounded by bluebells and the newly planted rhododendron are looking happy and turning from pink to white

The Wisteria is fully in flower on the front of the Hall

West lawn-if you look across the moat our earliest rose, Canary Bird, is at last in flower. That shrubbery has been planted with yellow and aubergine coloured shrubs which are now coming into leaf.

The Fly Catchers have been spotted in the garden again and the Swans- complete with 8 cygnets, have deserted their nest on the moat and now reside in the Fish Ponds.

Don’t miss the Orchard by the Coffee Shop – the white tulips are White Triumphator. We had also planted white Camassia but they were all chopped by the Muntjac- they caused a lot of damage in the garden last winter.


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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