16th May 2021

"Dream gardens"
- Widget Finn, Gardens Illustrated
“The impressive garden of a 15th century moated house… where old meets new”
- Jackie Bennett, The English Garden
“A blossoming romance”
- Tim Longville, Period Living
“Perfect in every detail”
- Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life
"Secret Garden"
- Uniquely Away Summer
"Paradise regained"
- Stephen Lacey, Beautiful Britain
"Inspirational gardens from around the world"
- Claire Takacs, Dreamscapes
"Water-encircled harmony"
- Annie Green-Armytage, Landscape
"Amongst 12 of Best Secret Gardens in the UK"
- Tania Pascoe, Guardian
"Hidden and Romantic"
- Roger Last, Norfolk Gardens

16th May 2021

The Vegetable Garden is coming to life – potatoes are pushing up, the asparagus is growing well and we have started planting out our greenhouse grown vegetables.

We are trying something new this year- alternatively planting a greenhouse grown plant with a seed. Notice the Broad Beans where you will see the seeds just emerging between larger plants and hopefully will crop later than the first planting and extend our picking.

In the Cutting garden the tall apricot flowered plant is Scrophiularia Sambicifollia- pretty but a bad scent.

The Dell is a mass of bluebells and we have the lovely large central area where a huge chestnut blew down 2 years ago- a peaceful place to be.?

Some Daffodils are still flowering and the trees in flower in that area are Crab Apples.

In the Bog Garden the wild swans have hatched 7 cygnets- please take great care and view them from afar as they are only a few days old- but what attentive parents.

The lovely pink Candelabra Primula pulverulenta seeds very freely and its bright carmine flowers make an eye catching display. It likes damp conditions.

Bluebells are having a wonderful year but are filling our flower beds. We will wait until they finish flowering then move them back to the Dell where they belong.

West Lawn- looking across the Moat – The rose Canary Bird is in flower. This is our earliest rose and this year is flowering  later than usual


Stay healthy and good gardening3

Lynda Tucker

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