17th April 2022

"Water-encircled harmony"
- Annie Green-Armytage, Landscape
"Dream gardens"
- Widget Finn, Gardens Illustrated
"Paradise regained"
- Stephen Lacey, Beautiful Britain
"Secret Garden"
- Uniquely Away Summer
“Perfect in every detail”
- Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life
“The impressive garden of a 15th century moated house… where old meets new”
- Jackie Bennett, The English Garden
"Amongst 12 of Best Secret Gardens in the UK"
- Tania Pascoe, Guardian
"Hidden and Romantic"
- Roger Last, Norfolk Gardens
"Inspirational gardens from around the world"
- Claire Takacs, Dreamscapes
“A blossoming romance”
- Tim Longville, Period Living

17th April 2022

Happy Easter to all our visitors.


The Vegetable Garden has been dug over and plants from the Greenhouse put in. It is more work to plant them out as plugs but we have so much wildlife waiting to feed that for us it is more successful than seed sowing and worth the effort.

The Asparagus is appearing in the bed beside the Moat and we have had our first picking. We are about to take out the sprouting broccoli as that has reached its limit but the rhubarb is still flourishing.


In front of the Iris bed Cheals Weeping Cherry is in full blossom.


The Dell has now changed from white to blue with the Bluebells taking over from the Snowdrops but there are still some delicate white Anemone Nemorosa in flower in the island bed.


A few weeks ago strong winds knocked to the ground the white Narcissus but on Easter Day they have been resurrected and great swathes of them are standing up- never give up on nature!! Some Of the flowers in the Daffodil area have gone over- please feel free to dead head as you walk through- but there are still some to come and this area has flowers for about 4 months of the year. Do look out for the cowslips on the Moat side of the path where they enjoy the damper conditions..


The Bog garden is a mass of Caltha Palustris or marsh marigold but I am saddened to see leaves in the Moat where the nesting swans have attacked the lovely water iris we have growing there.


The Water Garden is colourful with its primulas- especially the Drum stick with its round head and strong colours.

Look for the lovely yellow erythroniums in the bed beside the ditch, the variety we grow is Pagoda, with its elegant nodding flower heads and large leaves enjoying the moisture in that bed.


It is the time of year to see the Wild Garden. Masses of Anemone Blanda, Leucojum and snakes head Fritillaria. We do have the Bees Orchid but as yet I haven’t seen them. Plants mainly self-seed in this area and it is mown just once a year in August.


The swans have returned and are sitting on their eggs beside the Bog Garden. Do be careful near them as they are wild animals and ferociously protective of their nest.

There are two geese wandering around the Fishponds, again take care near them.

Many lambs have been born and they are in the Water Meadow next to the Fishpond- the black sheep are Hebridean.


Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker



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