17th May 2020

"Inspirational gardens from around the world"
- Claire Takacs, Dreamscapes
"Secret Garden"
- Uniquely Away Summer
“A blossoming romance”
- Tim Longville, Period Living
"Paradise regained"
- Stephen Lacey, Beautiful Britain
“Perfect in every detail”
- Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life
"Hidden and Romantic"
- Roger Last, Norfolk Gardens
“The impressive garden of a 15th century moated house… where old meets new”
- Jackie Bennett, The English Garden
"Water-encircled harmony"
- Annie Green-Armytage, Landscape
"Dream gardens"
- Widget Finn, Gardens Illustrated
"Amongst 12 of Best Secret Gardens in the UK"
- Tania Pascoe, Guardian

17th May 2020

Lovely warm sunny weather and the vegetable garden is coming to life. We are still picking asparagus but there is also sea kale (crambe maritma) and Spinach. Peas, Beans and Courgettes have been planted out and we are having to think about space. In the cold frame the Sweet Corn needs planting out but the lablab beans could wait another week.

Walking through the Cow Parsley in the daffodil area you must look back at the magnificent Paulownia which is in flower. Its purple foxglove like flowers which give it its name – the foxglove tree and it is a joy to behold.

The Hosta and the Hemerocallis are all in full leaf either side of the path in the water garden but it is the bright pink of the Primula Pulverulenta that catches the eye. They line the beds in the water garden loving the damp and growing to about 18 inches. There are also Primula Denticulata in various colours- they are called drumstick primula because of their round heads. The Hellibore are dying down and Solomans Seal and Acanthus have appeared.

The Cercis siliquastrum (Judas tree) to the right of the path is in flower at the moment. The clusters of bright pink pea like flowers appear before the leaves and grow along the branches. Once the heart shaped leaves appear it is possible to overlook this tree and it has to be seen in the short time it is in flower

The beds in the West Lawn are all bursting into life and I firmly believe it is dangerous to put a fork into a flower bed before May because of the possible damage to unseen and forgotten plants.

N.B Don’t miss the pretty pink Lily of the Valley hiding in the courtyard at the back of the Hall-very special and photos on our Facebook page

Stay healthy and good gardening,
Lynda Tucker

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