3rd May 2020

"Inspirational gardens from around the world"
- Claire Takacs, Dreamscapes
"Secret Garden"
- Uniquely Away Summer
“The impressive garden of a 15th century moated house… where old meets new”
- Jackie Bennett, The English Garden
"Dream gardens"
- Widget Finn, Gardens Illustrated
"Water-encircled harmony"
- Annie Green-Armytage, Landscape
"Amongst 12 of Best Secret Gardens in the UK"
- Tania Pascoe, Guardian
“Perfect in every detail”
- Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life
"Hidden and Romantic"
- Roger Last, Norfolk Gardens
"Paradise regained"
- Stephen Lacey, Beautiful Britain
“A blossoming romance”
- Tim Longville, Period Living

3rd May 2020

Although the weather has changed in Norfolk, we are getting little rain but as the water table is still high for us it is not a problem.

The Orchard is a mass of blossom – I have never seen it looking so good and as well as that it promises a good harvest,

The vegetable garden is producing artichoke, sea kale, asparagus and rhubarb and we are picking parsley, tarragon, mint, and chives. The peas are up about 2ft, broad beans are in flower and the spinach should be ready to pick next week. Strawberries are flowering and will need strawing up this week.

In the Iris bed there is a mass of white bearded Iris- which you can smell before you see, many other colours will follow and the foliage of the Delphiniums planted in this bed is rising above them and needs staking.

The Paulownia in the Daffodil area is just coming into flower with its beautiful lilac flowers that resemble freesia. We planted this 20 years ago and it reaches 15ft- we like it so much that this year we have planted another one in the Wild garden just across the Moat. 

The two Chestnuts in the pasture are a mass of blossom reaching to 40ft and must be at least a hundred years old- they never cease to delight.

The white swan is still sitting, we have seen a Mayfly this week and our lamb count is up to 30.

Stay healthy and good gardening,
Lynda Tucker.

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