3rd October 2020

“A blossoming romance”
- Tim Longville, Period Living
"Paradise regained"
- Stephen Lacey, Beautiful Britain
“The impressive garden of a 15th century moated house… where old meets new”
- Jackie Bennett, The English Garden
"Amongst 12 of Best Secret Gardens in the UK"
- Tania Pascoe, Guardian
“Perfect in every detail”
- Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life
"Dream gardens"
- Widget Finn, Gardens Illustrated
"Hidden and Romantic"
- Roger Last, Norfolk Gardens
"Inspirational gardens from around the world"
- Claire Takacs, Dreamscapes
"Water-encircled harmony"
- Annie Green-Armytage, Landscape
"Secret Garden"
- Uniquely Away Summer

3rd October 2020

Autumn has arrived and the garden is getting prepared for the winter

In the Vegetable Garden we are harvesting Kale, courgettes, salad crops and globe artichokes, and waiting for the Squash to finish ripening. It’s been a fantastic year for apples and pears. In the Greenhouse we have tomatoes and red peppers plus so many different herbs

Outside the Greenhouse the Senecio on the bank had got very leggy and this has been severely cut back. We have also taken the opportunity to replant the Cistus Monspeliensis which lines this path. This is an evergreen cistus and the original plant was bought from Beth Chatto 30 years ago. Since then I have been building up the plants by taking cuttings. This section had been in over 20 years and needed to be replaced . Next year we will do the next section.

Mermaid is the yellow rose growing up the Gingko Tree

The Del is full of cyclamen. A huge Chestnut blew over here and we are waiting to grind the stump out before we move on- hoping to keep one step ahead of the Honey Fungus?

The heavy rains of last week filled the Bog Garden but the Asters and Dahlias in the Autumn Border enjoyed the drink.

Schitzostylis are flowering along the ditch in the Stream Garden and look out for the pretty Toad Lilies lining it.

Do not miss the wonderful Lespendeza on the West Lawn. Its pretty pink pea-like flowers make a beautiful contribution to the Autumn scene- this one was bought at Wisley 5 years ago when I went with my sister- and isn’t it the memories that some plants evoke that adds to their enjoyment ?

Stay healthy and good gardening

Lynda Tucker

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